Design Market 2016, feel like at home

Last weekend, December 16-17-18, celebrated 5th edition of the Design Market organized by FAD in its headquarters, on Disseny Hub Barcelona, where is located the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. That’s the neuralgic point of design in
A market with 80 exhibitors and different rest areas and workshops that were celebrated during the whole event. Where it was possible to find jewelry, art, fashion, graphics and objects. Zones of rest to eat and to drink something to be able to relax with a great atmosphere for all

Design Market 2016, a market to go out and feel like at home

Everything in a relaxed and red environment. That Preforma Design. designed on this edition. A young studio of industrial design located in Barcelona since 2014. It works with exhibitors spaces playing with material, innovation and the function of the objects, to find a moment of reflection in the
The space consisted of a red module in the shape of a “house”. A cube with a gable roof. The idea that the whole world has of the concept: house. design-market-barcelona-fad-dhub-more-with-less-design-magazine-04This form repeats itself for the whole Design Market. In every side of the house an was an exhibitor. Thus they are grouped like in small homes, the different carnises and it gives a sensation that the space covers you. As a small hospitable village. These small houses weren’t aligned among them. That allows a flow more random where the visitor can walk freely without pressures, in order that he was feeling like at home. design-market-barcelona-fad-dhub-more-with-less-design-magazine-03
The colour red who presided at this edition is related to the Christmas dates in which we are. Preforma wanted to transmit this sensation of coming back home, with the
This year a small red house in the shape of cabin with a small orifice represented the Design Market for the whole Barcelona the days previous to the event, to promote the market and to be able to call the attention of the inhabitants of Barcelona. For the small orifice it was possible to see that there is what they might find this year in the Design Market: the red
A resource that worked really well. Since this year was a round success with a complete appraisal at some hours of the More with Less team was lucky to attend to the Premiere directed to press and the proper carnies, designers, craftsmen and makers that were exhibiting. In which expose two speechs of great interest for this public. Mònica Rodríguez presented  Veoveo Magazine, a magazine specialized in design craftsman. With that she introduched another project: Empresas Creadoras. With that one she advises craftsmen and carnises to developing in the world of the fairs. Later Wysee explained us how to create links among blogs and shops to facilitate to the readers a better experience of sale, more fast and expectantes del próximo año. Para ver con que nos sorprendre la 6ª edición del Design Market.