CEU students projects of the subject Design Trends presented in NUDE

The University CEU Cardenal Herrera presented in nude 2015 a sample of several everyday objects designed and made by the students of the Master’s Degree in Product Design, on the subject Design Trends taught by Enblanc. The School of Design at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, is an ideal place to train and grow as a designer, it has been a space for the development of creativity for over 25 years.

Everyday objects designed on the subject Design Trends by CEU students


Enblanc owners and also teachers of Design Trends project.

Aitor Plágaro Izaguirre · Family of trays Familia de bandejas 

Tray set in which monochrome, lightness and the use of wired structures prevails. It is also included a piece of wood that provides consistency and balance to the object. The family will be made by trays of different measures that will be ideal depending on the moment or use. To create the set were considered different finishes and colors, always being key the combination wood-metal.



Verónica Cano Yubero · Wall hangers Perchas de pared

Wall hangers in different colors aluminum and wood. Its geometric appearance and the use of different colors cater to the characteristics studied for the final development of the piece. By the succession of different wall hangers, it can be formed coat hangers with the number of units that are appropriate for each space.



Rubén Huerta Chilet · Kitchen jars Set Colección botes de cocina

Kitchen Jars Kit set in which the use of noble materials such as ceramics, wood, cork and leather are protagonists. Natural is key to the development of this project, initially based in the closure system of two metal parts of a conventional jar, it has been developed its own way of closure taking into account the conservation of this feature. That is why the tightness of a gum results in cork and metal sealing system is replaced by the button closure and leather.



Sandra Taboada Pirote · Standing mirror Espejo de pie

Standing mirror based on analysis of antique pieces, in their forms, finishes and material. The fundamental idea and where the concept which flows into the final design emerges is the structure of an easel. During the project development also arises the need of adding the functionality of hanger of any clothing and thus the upper part is wide in width allowing this use. The details of joining between the parts of the mirror and the support were also studied in the design process. Design_Trends_more_with_less_08


Cristina Hernández Rodríguez · Vase Jarrón

Vase that comes after the search and study of classical objects of the past; in this case the exercise was based on the realization of the piece from an old phone. Thus, the initial elements of the phone are transformed, becoming the handset in the vase itself and the rest of the phone in the structure that supports it. The materials used are copper for the structure and ceramic for the vase.



Nuria Feliciano Navarro · Flowerpot stand Maceteros

Set of flowerpot stands of different heights and diameters that make a family. The concept of lightness is represented using the wired and metallic structure that holds the pots. Using no more than two colors per piece (one in the structure and one for the pot) and the straight lines, highlight the formal simplicity, another feature wanted during product development.


Marta Ferrer Gallego · Breakfast set Juego de desayuno

Set of 6 pieces that make up a complete set for breakfast: glass, plates, bowls and tray. Their forms take into account the purest geometry, including creating various compositions according to the position of the various elements. Besides, a graphic application on the pieces generates a playful and decorative appearance contributing consequently to the set unity.


Darío Nóbrega Rubio · Candle holders collection Colección de soportes para velas

The collection of candle holders are based on the idea of nature and what it represents: irregularity, single piece and use pure product. The candle holders are made of basalt laval rock, an ancient material that has naturally formed islands, monuments, homes and lives. These Candle Holders arise from different stones, which are formally retained at its top to contrast with the faceting being done in the bottom and which are emphasized with the molten metal bath.

Design_Trends_more_with_less_14 Design_Trends_more_with_less_16



 Students of the Master’s Degree in Product Design on the subject Design Trends.