Didomestic, an optimal use of a limited space

Considering the economic crisis and the rise of itinerant and nomadic living as a consequence, the near future may see social and cultural changes in how and why we settle down. With this in mind and following the statement “every house is a theater”, the Madrid-based studio Elii have designed Didomestic, an attic that introduce a new way to organize and redesign an existing apartment, converting its interior to respond to contemporary needs.


Didomestic finds its place in the loft of an old building. The 57m2 attic was rearranged to optimize the use of the limited space by creating flexible rooms that can be adapted for different activities and guarantee a playful approach to personalized interiors.

Didomestic optimize the use of the limited space by creating flexible rooms





Once removed all obstacles from the old apartment, two basic elements organize the new one. Firstly, a staircase, a storage area and a larder serve as the central core. The heart of Didomestic leads to a mezzanine with a bathtub and the sleeping accommodations under the mansard roof. Secondly, there are two side strips around the core hosting the functional elements: kitchen, bathroom, more storage space and domestic appliances.

130619-elii-didomestic-012130619-elii-didomestic-010130619-elii-didomestic-011To provide even more flexibility to Didomestic interior, moving panels with transparent sections that let in natural lightning were installed. These panels are integrated into the core, running along guide rails and allowing small areas to be shut off when necessary.




In Elii’s architects words: “The stage area in a theatre (also known as the ‘black box’) is the architectural space where anything can happen. Didomestic is the stage within a domestic theatre, it is a black box. Your house can be a dance floor one day and a tea room the next”. That is why Didomestic includes trap doors that are integrated within the floor and the ceiling, appearing and disappearing at the user’s whim. These secret doors are opened with a simple tug or twist of a handle, revealing a plethora of furniture elements such as storage, cabinets, a table and chairs, a swing or a hammock. All the elements in Didomestic provide different layout combinations, becoming a house conceived as a theatre where everyday scenes are the play.







All images by Miguel de Guzmán