Diga, kind and functional salad bowl and colander

Diga is a salad bowl designed by Andrea Ponti for Ommo. This is an Italian designer with the headquarters in Hong Kong, and he is specialized in product and industrial design. He has worked for huge brands and won some awards. The most remarkable thing of him is the international experience of 14 years. On the other hand, Ommo looks to develop universal design, for the daily use. They seek together the entertainment and the functionality, together with the simplicity.



With the philosophy to add a little bit to our lives, all days, it has been created Diga. A timeless and functional product. The influence of this is mostly for the urban life, and complement it with the colours and the forms of the nature. At the same time, takes part in another two products, that were presented in Ambiente Show in 2016.



In Diga it has to be remarked the minimalist approach, and the delicate but striking colour, which it’s given. Furthermore, the form is completely different to what we are used to. Being a more squared form, ending at the same time into a curve. Even then, it is though to be very functional, easy to use and with a distinctive touch, more kind.



Diga is a salad bowl where the aesthetic it’s important, because of its fresh and kind design, at the same time functional and affordable



Diga, it is made of matt plastic. Its main function is to clean the vegetables, drain them or even serve them into the same bowl. At the sides it doesn’t have any kind of holes, that’s one reason why it can be used also as a bowl. And on the bottom, where it can be found the holes to drain it, there is a disc to decant the water when the vegetables are clean, or to block the liquid to serve it there.



It can also be obtained into a palid rose or in a marine blue. Two colors that are not very striking, but at the same time makes the product more pleasant and delicate. At the same time, it goes with everything and it is very visible as a product.