Dizengof 99 by Crosby Studios


Dizengof 99, a Moscow restaurant located near the Taganka metro station in a courtyard of Moscow’s Garden Ring, which exterior features a Memphis-inspired pattern, while the interior contains a mixture between old and new, designed to evoke the experience of dining in Israel.

“Dizengof 99” a Jewish restaurant in Moscow designed by Crosby Studio

Crosby Studios, with this traditional Israeli cusine, tryes to transport its costumers from Moscu to Florentin, a creative district in Tel Aviv.




The restaurant is named Dizengof 99, referencing a cult film about Israeli youth.With an external highly influenced by the Memphis group , Dizengof 99 provides an unusual contrast between exterior and interior, combining tradition and modernity in the Russian capital.




It is a rehabilitation work where Crosby Studio has intervened making a total reform of the existing structure.

The two co -founders , Harry Nuriev and Dmitry Vorontsov, are big fans of the Memphis group, so they decided to reference this on the Dizengof 99’s exterior. Thus , the original brick exterior comprises a black background speckled with small white rectangles, reminiscent of one of Sottsass’ most famous designs. “It was a simple choice – we love the pattern of Memphis, ” said Vorontsov Dezeen .

Following the unusual contrasts of the building, the entrance leading into Dizengof 99 is on the side of it , dividing into two spaces . The dining room is located at the front , while a bar extends through the center , hiding the kitchen and bathrooms in the rear.

Dizengof 99-Crosby-Studios-building-restaurant-architecture-design-more-with-less-one-moscou-

The building’s interior was completely released from its initial partitions , baring space and allowing architects to redesign the space according to their needs.

Thus the traces of the old partitions remain visible in space, and get create contrast between old and new, with walls partially covered with corrugated roofing panels , painted in white.


“We used the cheapest chairs, the kind you might find in a Chinatown takeaway place,” said Nuriev. “We covered them in powder paint and the seats were fitted with new cloth”.

dizengof 99-arquitectura-architecture-detail-bathroom-mesa-table

Natural light , is one of the key players to consider in this project. Referencing Israel in the Russian capital implies a task of learning and reflection on architecture, which include large windows in the local become indispensable for natural lighting Dizengof 99. Likewise, bathrooms, an area that for many is somewhat forgotten way, have a translucent panel reinforced glass lets in light, giving it prominence throughout the restaurant .

Dizengof 99-Crosby-Studios-building-restaurant-architecture-design-more-with-less-one-corner


Dizengof 99, a restaurant whose design is based on the contrast between old and new.

Dizengof 99-Crosby-Studios-building-restaurant-architecture-design-more-with-less-one-corner