Domoffice, a project to achieve a flexible office

Domoffice appears from the concept of ‘home office’ even though it could emerges perfectly from the idea of ‘modern office’. The main objective from this project was to study the needs of the office when it is at home to create dynamic solutions, avoiding fixed zones and which generate adaptive spaces throughout the day, in short, to create a functional and flexible office.


This inversely proportional relationship between space and functionality is often what invites us to question to our design constantly during the creative process trying to achieve always the best solution, the most functional solution. The result is a collection of furniture and accessories designed for the flexible office by students from Polytechnic University of Alcoy during a workshop with the help and advice of PerezOchando studio and the collaboration of furniture companies Actiu and Mayans S.L. Students will show their designs during the Milan Design Week of 2016. The main goal of this workshop is that students can understand and assimilate the different stages of the project from, research to ideation, execution and communication.

Domoffice is the modern design for a flexible office



Circle Accesories

Circle Accesories is a set designed from a circle as the basic shape for this collection. The students has designed from a notes support, a support for an iPad and little accessories as storage system all of them with the same smart tonalities, that kind of objects that even its small size give a special appearance to the space where they are located.


XY Lamp


This minimal work lamp called XY remind us the two basic and required axis from every sketch. This lamp with a simple appearance is lighted on with a gentle turn. Its base is fixed to the table by a suction cup which gives stability to the lamp of the flexible office.


Slide Desk for the flexible office

The desk is one of the kye objects of the Domoffice collection and which has impress us with its simplicity and humility achieve the functionality.With a modest movement the desk becomes into a double work space, solving the space problems we have when we work sporadically in a team. The base is made of marine plywood with a delicate hole for the computer. The metal surface can be moved gently to make room a bigger working area by respecting always the user needs, this is a perfect furniture for the flexible office.


Duo Armchair

The perfect furniture for a modern office is the adaptive and flexible design. This Duo armchair is made out of triangular modules where you can sit when they are folded or where you can lie down when they are deployed.



The Bi-stool can be divided in two allowing a dual function. On the one hand it can be served as a conventional stool; and on the other hand as an axualiary table and footrest for a much more comfort.

Paper Shelves


Paper shelf allows us to store office documents and organize them in the best possible way. These shelves remind us to a piece of origami, made out of paper, when it is full of paper the structure merges with papers to looks like the same piece made entirely of paper.


View Separator

The separator panel is in many cases the most important piece in a office design. Privacy, or omission of visibility to avoid distraction, acoustic isolation and the natural lighting are the most important attributes that an office should has. In this case the separator panel plays with the shape depending on your perspective. Depending on the viewing angle you can see a circle or oval.


Minimal desk


This wall desk for small spaces that the students from Alcoy University introduce us is the perfect desk that many (not to say every) students, designers, architects, professionals or amateurs from any subject where you need pencils, felt-tip pens or just rounded section objects, have missed. Is the perfect desk where you can rest your pens and they never will fall down. A beautiful and delicate design that with a tray it allows you to work, draw, write or create on this desk. 


Designed by:

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Irene Leal Verdú
Carlos Tur García
Alba Gutiérrez Ayala
Yanina Cardozo Díaz
Irene Castelló Reche
Quico Rico Vilaplana
Elena Martínez Gómez
Marina Cazorla Bernal
Javier Ponsoda Acedo
Rodrigo Magro Mañas
Carlota Morales Planas
Andrea Requena Rubio
Daniel Chisbert Victory
Paula Sánchez Vázquez
Verónica palomino Díaz
Sandra de Luis Carracedo
Alba del Campo González
María Noelia García Olmos
Jon Ander Acarregui Pinedo

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José Javier Casanova Pérez
Teresa San Antonio Ignoto
Antonio Villagrasa Ramón
Arnau Moragues Pitarch
Adrián Lucena Vázquez
Cristina García Alcaraz
Agustín Martínez Bleda
Roberto Deltell Herrero
Javier Monasterio Dies
Sara Barricarte Guinea
María Pérez Escudero
Sandra Meola Escrivá
Paula Revuelta Arnao
Vinicio Chaluisa Vaca
Óscar Pérez Romero
Mónica López Sarrió
Yanina Cardozo Díaz
Albert Navarro Gil
Paula Gil Mora