Dot Watch, the first Braille smartwatch

285 million of people have some visual disability. 246 millions have vision small. And 39 million are blind. We live in a world of screens, smartphones, smartwatches, messages, e-mails … but nothing of it can be seen by them nor use.

Dot Watch is  accessibility in your wrist: to read, to navigate, to communicate, to educate…

Design insist on this problem too little on this so big sector. Thankfully Dotincorp surprise us with Dot Watch. An intelligent clock in Braille for people with vision problems.more-with-less-design-magazine-dot-watch-03more-with-less-design-magazine-dot-watch-08Una aplicación del sistema Braille en una superficie pequeña, superligera, con una autonomía de 7 días con multitud de funcionalidades que cabe en un reloj. Accesibilidad en tu muñeca. Permite a cualquier usuario independientemente de su grado de visión poder leer todo lo que recibe cualquier otro usuario en su smartphone o smartwatch.

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability” – Stevie Wonder

In addition this so complete product is a real solution when we stop to think in the economic part. In these moments the machines that use of system Braille have a cost of about 3,000 to 15,000 $, unimaginable for many people. Dot Watch just costs 290 $.
It works as a clock, timer, alarm, accelerometer and gyroscope. But the most important thing, it allows to read the messages that the smartphone receives and translates them into Braille system. A tool for the communication, for the navigation, for the education, for everything.
This small object gives the power to 285 million of people of being able to read the news at the instant, navigate with Google Maps, know the weather that does in his city, read the social media, translate images into text and up to controlling smart houses.

A great project that already relies on the support of more than 60.000 persons that they have pre-order his Dot Watch.