smarin creates a simple Nap Bar with Dune


smarin is a French design studio founded by Stéphanie Marin. This brand has designed Dune, a product that follows a simple and minimalist aesthetic where the most relevant is functionality. It has been created for personal comfort, Dune has different shapes and sizes with the objective of creating a interior landscape when they are placed all together inside the same space.



Dune creates softs and beautiful interior lanscapes

Dune being alone is a lounge chair that follows shapes that remind us sand dunes with a soft and comfortable appearance. It is elaborated with foam of different densities to ensure maximum comfort, inviting you to read, relax and sleep on it.


By following the idea of comfort and giving to it a necessary and functional sense, smarin created the Nap Bar, a space where have a break and relax. A new concept of bar dedicated to rest and relaxation, it is a way to relax the body and the mind to scape from the frenetic pace of the everyday life.

Smarin collects in the same place, in this case in Dubai (9 – 31 March), different collections that this studio has realised to create an interior landscape in the form of an installation.