E Tab, a stool with Enzo Mari’s values

E TAB is a stool designed by Amanda Tato Regueiro, product design student in EASD de Valencia. more-with-less-design-e-tab-06

E TAB, A stool with the Enzo Mari’s honesty and austerity.

more-with-less-design-e-tab-03A stool that Enzo Mari treats to the material with a tact very similar to that of the famous designer of Italian furniture. Which aposto and it defined the DIY as a part of the design, as an added value of the product. A value related to the personal satisfaction of the proper user on having felt realized and proud to construct his proper furniture.
more-with-less-design-e-tab-01The neostool, E TAB, is adaptable to the user and to the needs of the same one. An adaptability that there were not possessing the majority of Enzo Mari’s pieces and that Amanda Tato Regueiro offers to us as users a product thought with the premise of universal design. The wood, key in his design, is worn out of the most respectful form, leaving and respecting its visible qualities in the product, contributing a tact and appearance autética of the material, E TAB brings together technique and aesthetics.
more-with-less-design-e-tab-02It works as element of informal rest with a great aesthetic presence that shows the character of the material with the finished one that gives protagonism to the material. Formed by three pieces that facilitate its assembly and disassembly, it is capable of creating an infinity of variations and adjustments in the space.
more-with-less-design-e-tab-04E TAB goes beyond the design and the production of a useful object, is the representation of a production that it bets for a local qualit raw material and that concerns the processes of design and manufacture, recovering and favoring the collaboration among the professionals who it make possible and creating a history behind each of them.