EASDAlcoi: full program of design studies

Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Alcoi has all conditions a young designer is looking for start his/her studies: qualified teachers, personalized attention, implementation of learning from the first day and associations with companies in the area to continue developing his/her talent once the studies are completed.

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EASDAlcoi: full program of design studies

EASDAlcoi has 68 highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching and in their respective professions. Classes have a maximum of 25 students, allowing individual attention and an taking care to the details for each student. The architecture of the centre and its articulation power the flow of activity and knowledge, so the EASDAlcoi is a center in a continuous process of creation.

All proposals from students are developed in workshops and laboratories that have all the equipment needed to implement proposals in every branch of studies. In EASDAlcoi, students can study various specialties:

  • Product design. Unique geographical location with proximity to the toy, furniture, lighting and equipment sectors.
  • Interior Design. Development of creation and creation of spaces.
  • Illustration applied to product design. Studies are in constant change to adapt every day to emerging trends.
  • Graphic design. Configuration of the visual communication of the now.
  • Fashion design. Another sector that is highly specialized in the EASDAlcoi by its geographical location and its proximity to businesses that generate collections of clothing and accessories.
  • Graphic illustration. Creation in all its forms: poster design, editorial, publications, mural.
  • Animation. Studies in its different areas: cartoon, stop motion, claymation, cut-out, time lapse.


All of these studies are available at EASDAlcoi levels equivalent to Bachelor Degree – four years – and higher cycles of two years of training. The combination of regulated European level studies covering all fields of the design with a unique location with highly qualified teachers make the EASDAlcoi a safe bet to develop studies in design.