ec pavilion, a traditional construction designed for future generations

ec-pavilion-more-with-less-design-magazine-6Ec pavilion is located in Elche, Spain, the land of traditional celebrations where mediterranean gastronomy and family are the main reason for meetings. As families tend to increase, it becomes necessary to transform the traditional spaces. Measura architecture team was in charge of designing this singular project.

Ec pavilion, as its name suggests, is a construction that has, in this case, a particular use, and a specific function and materiality to welcome family and to celebrate. Thart is why It is necessary for this to connect the exterior / interior.


Ec pavilion, is a flexible structure, which manages to generate different spatial qualities.


It was necessary to design a building where there was interior, exterior, light and shadows. A place where every moment of the day has a place to use in the best conditions. The idea is to integrate architecture and nature.

ec-pavilion-more-with-less-design-magazine-4Ec pavilion is built generating a new east-west axis in the garden area. This transversality will also configurate two closed gardens. On one hand, the north façade it is connected with the swimmingpool. Meanwhile, the southern side will only be used occasionally to shelter of climate and humidity under tall palm trees. The project ends with an autochthonous plants and an orchard.

ec-pavilion-more-with-less-design-magazine-3Ec pavilion design is based on horizontal and vertical planes, that generate the  spaces, the entrances of light and shadows. Three transversal walls that cross the building create the rooms. A multipurpose space, bathroom and kitchen and an outdoor barbecue.

The lattice wall brings an artisan look, providing delicacy and nuances of light. Ec pavilion transforms tthe traditional architecture and its society and fits it to a modern use.


ec-pavilion-more-with-less-design-magazine-8Photos by Mesura.