A design with personality, Eco chair by Capdell

Capdell, Valencian, design company, presents its new Eco chair, designed by Carlos Tíscar. The Eco chair stands out for the simplicity of its structure and the nakedness of its design. It gives a great warmth because of the lack of strong edges and its handcrafts appearance.

empresa valenciana- silla eco- carácter- diseño- carlos tíscar-chair-eco

Capdell works with profesional designers for the production of manufacturing furniture. For the creation of Eco, the Spanish company, has trusted on Carlos Tíscar, vice president of the Valencian Association of Designers and winner of many international awards in design’s world.

Eco chair fills minimalist spaces through its robust structure. The solid skeleton of the chair is made of solid beech wood, what provides it a warm and welcoming character.

 Eco chair by Capdell fills space thanks to the personality of its design


Its simple structure creates a sense of voluptuousness. Its shape is strong enough for having presence by itself. Its personality fills voids and spaces and, therefore, it doesn’t need decorative elements. Eco chair accompanies minimalist distributions and stands as an inherent sculpture of the place.

chair-eco-manufacture-company-spain-design-carlos tíscar-silla-eco

The company creates each piece with natural materials. The body of the chair is handmade. Its rounded finishes add volume and firmness to the engagement of all its parts. Balance in design is due to its obliquely. This does not prevent it to be a stackable chair, this feature adds more functionality to the product.

producto-manufacturado-silla-eco-silla eco- more-with-less