EDITORIAL. Design and photography in social networks

It is evident that nowadays social networks are a “must” for anyone who wants to dedicate to the world of design, architecture and photography. The digital revolution has changed the way we communicate, and with it the way we present ourselves in the professional world. We can go further, stronger and reach much more people than with traditional methods, even without moving from home. More with less is a clear example of this: we are a digital magazine that collects international projects for readers from all over the world with a common interest: design, architecture and photography. And we are grateful to the networks, because we have been born in them and they keep us alive.

But, although it may seem simple, it is not, as it requires a lot of effort, perseverance and dedication. It is necessary to work on an image, be consistent with what you want to convey, and be very professional. And that is not easy. Proof of this is that even in schools, this is taking a great importance for the presentation and marketing in social networks. And this is something which was not discussed about in the classrooms until recently. We have always known that presentations are important and they tell us a lot about us and our work, but never before we have spoken of “having” or “taking care” of the professional image and measuring our work by the number of followers. It is obvious that we must be there, but how?

“In social networks you do not sell, you fall in love”

Octavio Regalado

Studio Hey  team has found their way. The Instagram profile of this Barcelona graphic design studio accumulates more than 224,000 followers and that gets them approximately 80% of the work they have. Fresh and colorful publications of their works have helped them to be there, maintaining a coherent image. Another case of success are Daniel Rueda and Anna Devs, `whose profiles together delight more than 480000 people with their photographic works, many of which have been commissioned thanks to show their art publicly.

But social networks are not mathematics. We also have to be careful, because they can become a double-edged sword. Almost everybody has a profile on Instagram or Facebook, managing it with more or less success when separating the personal from the professional. In this case it is like in real life. Social networks are indispensable in this world. We just have to know how to use them for our own benefit.