Ellite Boutique Denia by Ruslan Zakharov

The architect Ruslan Zakharov designs the new headquarters of Ellite Boutique in Denia, thus expanding this multi-brand store created in 1998 to a new city on the Costa Blanca.


Located in a new pedestrian zone within the city center, Ellite Boutique focuses on high-quality designer clothing for select customers in the area. The intention of the architecture and interior design project is to give greater prominence to the garments and accessories, without losing the sensation of spaciousness in the interior.


Ellite Boutique seeks to attract the attention of passers-by creating a neutral, diaphanous and wide space, focusing on highlighting the product exhibited through the geometric rotundity


The uneven geometry of the premises is regularized with the creation of a dividing wall that divides the space into two zones. The shop space itself resorts to a clear geometric shape, in the shape of a rectangle, diaphanous and of generous dimensions, turning the views towards the street.


On the other side of this division are secondary and service spaces. The long wall of Ellite Boutique serves as the backdrop for the entire store, it is composed of a neutral elevation, like the rest of the proposal, only interrupted by two doors and a curtain.


After the textile strip in gray color that contrasts with the absolute white of the rest of the store, the changing rooms and a small office are located. Already more sealed behind the doors, there are private rooms such as the toilet and storage.


The lighting system within Ellite Boutique is designed so that you can walk and illuminate every point of the premises. To do this, a black rectangle is drawn along the main room. In this strip are located not only the adjustable spotlights of lighting, but also all other necessary elements such as emergency lights, speakers, etc. This strategy allows to hide any unwanted element, leaving a false ceiling completely clean, highlighting the geometry even more.


Photographs by  Alex Ly