EN125A22 House by Ricardo and Gilda Camacho


Located in southern Portugal is the minimalist residence EN125A22 House by the Portuguese architect duo, Ricardo and Gilda Camacho. Situated near a prominent intersection in the Algarve, the three-storey dwelling is partially embedded into the landscape and has been designed to operate as a ‘mechanism’ that is able to recognise and utilise various types of mobility, as its program evolves over time.


Composed of three storeys, EN125A22 House’s primary living spaces are accommodated within a large white volume that appears to be floating above the rest of the residence. This ‘elevated’ volume encloses the living space and maintains a high level of privacy from its immediate surroundings.


The EN125A22 House is a highly adaptable house that can transform itself into a hotel


Once the client’s family leaves the EN125A22 House, it will be turned into a hotel. Keeping this in mind, a series of guidelines were established in regards to the building’s current and future uses. Firstly, the house is slightly elevated above the terrain, offering both residents and future guests, large, expansive views of the surrounding landscape; from the Serra de Monchique mountains to the Atlantic ocean.


The internal spaces of the EN125A22 House are designed to be as open and flexible as possible; it has been divided into two main schemes: the ‘public’ which houses the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms; and the ‘inner’ house, which contains the master bedroom, a single bedroom, a laundry room, small kitchen, a living room and finally a small cellar to store wine. Furthermore, an elevator has been integrated to allow for easy accessibility by wheelchair.