Entrepinos Housing by Taller Hector Barroso





Located in the middle of a forest in Valle de Bravo, Mexico is the residential project Entrepinos Housing by the Mexican studio, Taller Hector Barroso. This unique project is comprised of five striking terracotta structures that are scattered on a site surrounded by mountains. Each house has the same typology and consists of 6 volumes that are positioned to create a central patio space among them. This shared patio provides a space for residents to unwind in complete silence and privacy. While these volumes are closed towards the north, as this serves as the access to the houses, huge voids are opening towards the south and providing views of the garden and forest.





Along the ground floor, the living room, kitchen and a bedroom space extend their limits to the exterior and join up with the terraces, patios and garden. The upstairs of the Entrepinos Housing features three bedrooms that provide views of the magnificent surrounding pines. The Entrepinos Housing features materials from the region including brick, wood and earth. The earth was taken from the site; it was dug out to make room for the foundations and reused on all the walls.





Entrepinos Housing is a unique residential project that consists of five individual terracotta-coloured houses.





Instead of integrating an internal staircase in the houses, three external staircases ascend along the sides of the structures. These allow the inhabitants to directly enter their bedrooms on the upper floors, which can also remain independent from one another. The Entrepinos Housing presents an interesting juxtaposition of positive and negative space, especially with the exposed stairs on the underside of the volumes that seem to hover above the ground.