The heavenly photography of Ernesto Sampons.

 Ernesto Sampons, a heavenly photographer



Minglanilla 2014, Cuenca

Ernesto Sampons is less than 25 years old, is from Valencia and, for a relatively short time, has Instagram. Everything seems normal, how anyone else with this application in its possession, but no, he makes the difference. His photography has created a peculiar, weird and wonderful style at the same time. It is not known for shooting portraits, landscapes or products in particular, he is characterized by the brightness of his photos, the bluish colour-scheme and his good taste.


 Alexanderplatz, U-Bahn, Berlin 2014


Ascensores museo de bellas artes de Valencia 2013

Just that, details are immortalized by him, or rather, its iPhone 5. Ernesto Sampons often looks for a delicate color contrast using small elements in his photos. In his snaps the navy blue and sky blue are his footprints identity, because in many of his photos sea and sky make an idyllic scene.


Autoretrato 2013


Dulce De Leche, Ruzafa, Valencia 2014

The impressive thing is that when we stumbled upon on the network with one of his photos, we recognize the photographer without having to read the caption. From our point of view, Ernesto Sampons has created its own hallmark, a style of heavenly details that take the viewer to fantasize.


Mano Sobre Niebla 2014



Camper Store Valencia 2014

The photo below reminds me the paintings of Edward Hopper. Intense colors and high contrast shadows stoped in time.



La Muralla Roja, Calpe 2014

The buildings are also in his sights. he has a crush on architecture and always tries to photograph the detail or perspective that is in his head. We do not know if the buildings are 5 or 20 floors, but also we don’t need thet to enjoy these moments.


Berlín, una torre al lado de Alexander platz, 2014


Puerto de valencia desde marina real Juan carlos I, 2014


la torre de Berlín, 2014


Torre in tempo, Benidorm 2014


Brera, 2013