Estudio Persona, where artist and designer creates a magnificent collection

This furniture collection is made by Estudio Persona. This studio is formed by an industrial designer Emiliana Gonzalez and the artist Jessie Young. Two girls from Uruguay that they met living in Los Ángeles. Together, they work mainly with basic materials, such as: leather, wood, brass, steel and concrete. With this, craftsmen and artists from Los Ángeles shapes its products.

This collection is inspired in the work of Tadao Ando. Where forms, light and materials matches between them. This way, Estudio Persona usually works with wood, leather and metal, bring some colour to their products in a subtle way. Defending the natural material, unpolished, as it is in the nature.


Emiliana and Jessie, founders of Estudio Persona, changes constantly and are in constant movement. Creating modern and strong pieces

Let’s talk about Una, furniture formed by a dining table and the chairs due to this. The table is made of white oak, with its cylindrical and wide characteristics legs. This, goes with the chair, where in this case is upholstered. It can be customized in natural wood or laquered in black.

Following this cylindrical form, it’s shown the Puru table. Its name, which means “pool” in Japanese, creates this leap between this two materials, wood and stainless steel. Creating this way reflections, as the water does, and if it works like a mirror. Connecting this way between them the materials, seeing that one would be not there without the other.

Putting aside the cylinder, it borns the Nido chair. It makes a game between the juxtaposition of forms, the curves and the planes. The form of the seat is like an egg, being this upholstered. Nido’s support are made of walnut tree or white oak. The form of cross brings rigidity and stability without being only a unique piece and being adapted and comfortable to the seat.

Finishing with all of this products, we talk about Totem. We all know what is a totem. So they remove it to another context. It is formed between two stackable stools and one part on a base made of concrete. Saving space, you have perfectly two stools and a table, or just a decoration element.