Estufa Galería Emma Thomas, a “greenhouse” for art

Estufa Galeria Emma Thomas is a temporary instalation built and located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A project designed to get out art of its official buildings and be able to adapt it to any other place. This intervention has been carried out by architecture and design office mnma studio.Estufa Galeria Emma Thomas, represents a possible answer to the urgent need of thinking about the production and exhibition of art today. Whether it is in the public or private sector, art must be adaptable, transportable and accessible to everybody.
estufa-galeria-emma.-thomas-12Estufa Galeria Emma Thomas is a box that works like a “greenhouse”, an analogy of its functioning. The idea of the closed environment is to preserve the optimal conditions for the development of its activity.

Estufa Galeria Emma Thomas is almost like a memorial place, a continuous space with an active user, who interpellates its architecture.

An ephemeral construction, that works like a lighting camera, perfectly controlled. A simple geometry, which reconciles interior and exterior as well as the relation between the product and the user. A balance between all the parts involved but without hlosing its own identity.Another aspect to take into account in this project is the materiality. The walls are made with several layers of fabric and light channels. Somehow the cube is dematerialized, and the white inside art galleries can be read from outside.
It is no accident that Estufa Galeria Emma Thomas is an ephemeral project, understanding this not as something that has an end, but an architecture that seeks to reansmit a sensation in the user, an intimate and close atmosphere. A project that connects art with design in the same place, as fleeting as time, but as eternal as the impact that generates.

Photos by Andre Klotz.