Eugenio, “The Catalan dull that makes us laugh”

There have been and there will be few comedians like Eugenio, the mysterious character of monotonous tone and distant appearance. Eugenio has been the most paradoxical and insightful Catalan comedian in the Catalan and Spanish theatre scene.

“The Catalan dull that makes us laugh”, is the final project of Gerard Arderius, student of visual communication in Esdi, Sabadell. The tribute to the character of Eugenio, Gerard Arderius, projects a work of graphic communication and reinterpretation of the original physical media

The project is formalized in a book-object (80x110x70mm), which comes from the transcription and reinterpretation of one of its original cassettes “With a certain flavour of Eugenio”, and a series of posters that synthesize some of his best jokes. These elements are conformed in a box of 50x70cm that shows the pieces as products for the collector.

Regarding the aesthetics of the project, the visual elements comes from a rigorous analysis and conceptualization of the persona, contemplated from different points of view: staging, person, character, tone and language.

The comedian, of peculiar appearance and singular sense of humor, was characterized by a simple humor, in which the least expression was the most valued element. Always dressed in a black half-open shirt that showed the jewels that he used to make himself, Eugenio was a jeweler by profession. In his right hand he held a cigarette and in his left one, a glass of whiskey, from which he took a sip of during the pauses in between his jokes

Gerard Arderius, shapes a graphic language in Eugenio’s purest style, through minimal expression and minimal graphic and typographic resources.

“Mine is minimal: in life, painting and on stage” Eugenio 

The recent redesigned typography by Christian Schwarts, Neue Haas Grotesk in its version, 65″ Medium, is the type chosen to represent Eugenio’s voice. The designer tells us that, what better to represent the character of Eugenio than with a Neogrotesque typeface, such as is the Swiss Neue Haas Grotesk, characterized by its sobriety, neutrality, minimalism and that provides a uniform and solid visual stain on the compositions. The body of the typography and line spacing is the same in both pieces, book and posters, 24pt in size and 24.5pt of interline.

The stamping with gold finish, is the detail that encompasses all the elements generated. The seal brings a baroque detail to the identity, which contrasts with the simplicity and discretion of the other finishes. The stamping, symbolizes the jewels that the comedian used to wear in his performances.

The book created from the transcription of the cassette, “With a certain flavor to Eugenio”, ends up generating a poetic object that analyses the humor and staging of the character. The blank papers are the pauses, the red laughter and the dialogues, black typography in a white background.

Like a cassette, when the A side is finished, the reader have to turn the page in other to keep reading on the B side.


The poster series, of a total of six is a graphic synthesis of a selection of his best jokes. In the lower left is the transcribed joke just as the comedian narrated it.

The project of Gerard Arderius, express graphically, the inner essence of Eugenio in a clear, direct and elegant manner.

Eugenio revolutionized the Spanish comedy scene and marked an entire generation along with generations to come that will together laugh at his simple jokes.