Factory of Electrical Assembly, the humanization of the industrial


You might think that the architect does not have much to do in the design process of a factory, a sector that is nowadays almost exclusively of engineers. Each element is purely functional and has to respond to a manufacturing process went really designed for maximum efficiency.


But the truth is that factories have been one of the key elements the materialization and development of the modern movement and it is hard to imagine how architecture would be nowadays if Peter Behrens had not designed the turbine factory AEG that shook the minds of some young Mies, Gropius and Le Corbusier.



Factory of Electrical Assembly shines sparingly in a nondescript context, reflecting the lights and colors around itan

Jose María Sánchez García makes in his hometown an exercise of naturalness that redefines the type of industrial building with Factory of Electrical Assembly. A riad on the scale of the trailers that move through it.



Factory of Electrical Assembly contains with a 45x45m wall a courtyard that besides being a work space, works as a connector of the other spaces that make up its walls. This provision seems that it even wants to respond to the new ways of understanding work efficiency, more from collaboration and teamwork than specialization and repetition of routines in a position of isolated work. From almost every point of the building you can see what happens in all others.



Light metal structure covered with corrugated steel sheets are the materials that shape Factory of Electrical Assembly, nothing more. And that means that the finish is the same both the exterior and the interior, generating contrast, reflection and amazing brightness effects. This added to the sensitivity with which the details of the holes with perforated plate slightly spaced from the facade are solved, it makes the final image a simple beauty that captivates.