fade, exploring the bath ritual

by | 2 July 2020 | product

Fade is a collection of vessels and furniture for the bathroom by the young Stockholm design duo John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho. A view on bathing as ceremony and nature as a transformative element. An exploration of the bath ritual, representing both an Eastern and Western perspective on the object, both arising and being.
fade04Fade concept t is the water as a transforming element and a moment of reflection: ‘The aim was the representation of the invisible, of the transformation within the objects’, ‘The process of shifting from one state to another was the inspiration.’

Fade, the water as a transforming element and a moment of reflection

fade08Fade faces the subject of bathing from two perspectives, East and West. The Eastern view is seeing the object as result of the interaction with its surroundings. The Western view of the object as being itself, placed in a space. This duality of perspectives converges on the object and captures a moment of transformation. 
fade01 fade06The geometry that characterizes Fade objects represents the contrast between relaxed and tight shapes in each volume, a rounded shape that sits somewhere between square and a circle. Inspired by ritual, the transformation and the fluid movement of water. Fade consist of 13 pieces: a bath table, ash and copper mirror  and a collection of ceramic trays and vessels in parian clay. All in greyish-blue tones.
fade03fade05The clay was used for Fade collection to add ‘a weight and expectancy appropriate to ritual’, said the designers.


Photography by Stephanie Wiegner.





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