Family House in Zámeckà Street por Mimosa Architekti


In the center of Mikulov, Czech Republic is the Family House in Zámeckà Street by Mimosa Architekti. The unique atmosphere of Zámeckà Street is created by its small-sized buildings, which feature views of the rooftops of the historic house and wide horizons that open onto the Austrian landscape, in addition to the dominating mass of Mikulov Chateau just behind the back. The explicit intent of the architect had manifested itself in his efforts to preserve privacy in the busy touristic surroundings while respecting its historic character.


The design of the Family House in Zámeckà Street purposefully uses the whole surface of the plot of approximately 240sqm size. It opens itself into an inanimate courtyard contained in low walls made of local limestone and bricks. The living room and the “atelier” are both connected to both the courtyard and an external staircase rising to a generously proportioned terrace and bedroom on the second floor.


The Family House in Zámeckà Street is an unique and modern residence  that merges well within its historic surroundings


The interior of the Family House in Zámeckà Street advantageously utilizes the various height differences in the levels of the street and the courtyard, as well as the interconnection of various interior areas and rooms on the second floor. The atmosphere of this solid brick house with a timber extension is built using the application of various materials and structural solutions.



The house is built using classic materials. Nevertheless, it differentiates itself from the materially and formally similar historic buildings in the execution of various details. The shape of the roof is simplified by concealed gutters, and it features ceramic roof tiles that are quite similar to the normally used plain ones. The windows are frameless or wooden with simple profiles and are placed at various depths of window openings.




All the photos belong to Robert Žákovič.