From farm to house by Atelier Boteko

The refurbishment project by Atelier Boteko highlights this old farm in the french countryside. In this mild climate we live very differently in winter and summer. Following this and the original function of the farm, the projects divides the house in two. In old farms the kitchen and living room were to the south, work and tools spaces was in the middle, and animals and hay to the north.

The refurbishment project follows the original space organisation of the farm, a true sample of functional architecture.

To the north, big and hight spaces are maintained for the summer side of the house. To meet a summer house needs, on this side there are three bedrooms on the ground floor and a big living room divide between the ground floor and upstairs. To the south, spaces of the winter side of the house are more confined. On this side you’ll find the kitchen and two smaller common areas on the ground floor and only one bedroom upstairs.

Treasuring vernacular architecture and its technics, the original structure and material are almost intact. Different phases, repairs, the passage of time and patina on the old construction are appreciated. The new materials and finishings are raw. Where structural elements were necessary metallic acrows have been placed as permanent. Where new windows and doors were opened concrete from the new lintels and jambs is left visible. This way of working with materials achieves a contemporary architecture image maintaining the old farm’s identity. With this refurbishment project even if the farm doesn’t fulfil the same function many aspects of it have been maintained.

Photos by Daniele Rocco