Flexit redefines the furniture in student dorms


Designed by the young industrial designer Pieter Peulen, Flexit is a multifunctional furniture that rethinks how students live in the dorms. The designer noted the needs that students have in their small rooms, bringing a piece of furniture that supposes a solution to their space problems.Flexit-bed-storage-Pieter-Peulen-1a

Flexit consists of two vertical and a horizontal racks made of steel profiles. The vertical structure sustains that adjustable horizontal frame three possible heights, performs the function desktop, mattress, or bunk bed.


Flexit versatility allows grouping the two modules creating an island or put them on opposite walls fit in the space of any room, which is convenient. The structure includes small accessories such as bedside table, baskets for storing small items, a mirror and a shelf. In addition the same structure serves as a coat rack.


Flexit redefines the furniture in the dormitories


The painting finished in black powder contrasts with the elements redwood. The entire structure is quite light, being quick to put together intuitively.