Flik Flak, flexibility in lighting

by | 19 February 2018 | product, Uncategorized

Flik Flak is a collection of lamps designed by the Snøhetta architecture studio, based in Stockholm. Developed by the Swedish lighting company: Ateljé Lyktan. And presented at the Stockholm Design Week this year.


The collection includes a wall mounted lamp, a table lamp and a floor lamp. Its design was proposed for use in a hotel in Harad’s, a town located in northern Sweden. Whose climate is characterized by long winter months. A hotel formed through houses located high up in the trees.

Flik Flak is a flexible lamp that can adapt to the climate of northern Sweden


Made with two pieces of birch veneer wood joined by a piano hinge. That allows the folds of the pieces to open and close at an angle of 180 degrees. When it is closed, the light focuses on a specific space. While when the lamp is opened the light is scattered.



The collection plays with contrasts of light and darkness. On the one hand, the outside part has a black color that reflects the idea of darkness. But on the inside, we find the natural quality of the wood. In this way, the designers transport us to the Scandinavian nature.


Flik Flak is a collection of lighting with a very careful design. Its shapes and flexibility allow light to adapt to any room.



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