Florian Schregelmann gives a multifunctional use to the carpet.

by | 29 March 2015 | Burg Giebichenstein, EUROPEAN SCHOOLS, Germany, product, Students projects

Florian Schregelmann is a master student in Industrial Design at the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein. Currently he lives in Halle (Saale), Germany, where is also located this School. His great capacity to meet innovative projects and try to change the traditional, has made that Florian Schregelmann experiments with carpets. Decontextualize the established, go out of the comfort zone, innovate.


In our everyday life, a carpet is an object which defines and separates areas in rooms and spaces. Very often, we underrate it‘s influence on atmosphere, spatial impact and especially on the way we move and behave in a place. More and more, a carpet is seen as a base for the „real“ objects. Inspired by the nomads who had a range of potential use for carpets, Florian Schregelmann created two objects counteracting this progress. Herny and James are designed to make the carpet be stronger involved into a room and into everyday life. A wooden rack which can be mounted easily with screws, specific perforations and a simple handling help the user to flexibly change and shift the rigid surfaces a carpet normally brings along. Those surfaces can be converted to a wardrobe and a seat cushion and so create an added value for the carpet. 

Florian Schregelmann decontextualizes the established.




Designed for a hallway situations, Herny offers space and mounting options for clothing, shoes and other stuff. Due to a simple construction, a rack (birch wood) combined with a rugged felt (Nadelvlies), the user gets different possibilities to arrange and also to change the setup easily. It‘s possible to adjust Herny to the current hallway situation and get an individual look to everybody‘s aims. By the help of hooks and a puncture perforation, the carpet changes into an available surface for hanging things and so makes the furniture behave like a valet stand.

Florian_Schregelmann_more_with_less_04 Florian_Schregelmann_more_with_less_08 Florian_Schregelmann_more_with_less_07 Florian_Schregelmann_more_with_less_06 Florian_Schregelmann_more_with_less_02


In contrast to Henry, James is designed for the living room. Attached to the topside of a simple bench (birch wood), the carpet made out of wool felt, which offers a soft and comfortable feeling and makes handling easy, can serve as a seat cushion or cover the floor and make it more likeable to sit on the ground. The skewed front legs support this process and prevent an overturning of the bench.

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