Details and lightness in Flow lamp

Flow lamp is a project of the designer of German origin Andreas Kowalewski. A young designer who from his studio located in Amsterdam has developed furniture and lighting projects for some of the leading companies in the field of design. Among which highlights this lighting project for Normann Copenhagen.

His works are strongly influenced by his passion to experiment with materials, construction principles and innovative technologies. He works under the constant ambition of creating design solutions that have their own meaning and always try to reduce complexity. Another factor that worries you when working is to try to use as little material as possible.


Flow lamp is an LED table lamp, modular and with flexible positioning. Its design is minimal, simple and fluid, this last characteristic determines the name of the product: Flow.

All the parts that make up the Flow lamp grow smoothly with each other, just like the branches of a tree

The design of the Flow lamp transmits lightness and agility, through a minimal and slender shape. This generates a very intuitive design that becomes an easy to use lighting object.



An ideal lamp for the work area at home or in the office. Thanks to its structure, the user has an optimal flexibility to illuminate all types of desks.

Andreas is a designer who is constantly looking for perfection in small details through well-made objects. The Flow lamp has a touch sensitive copper switch, which can adjust the light in 3 intensities.


The simple aluminum construction allows the lamp to be easily assembled and disassembled. In this way, it can be sent in a flat package and improve the transport of both the company and the end user.