FM House by Horma Estudio

FM House is the proposal to remodel an apartment near the sea in the municipality of Cullera, Valencia. The original state was an old house and very compartmentalized. The objective of the Horma studio was to find a place to rest for summer vacations where the views of the sea were the protagonists.


Therefore, we look for the spatial continuity but also for the elements and materials that make up the new home. This fulfills all the requirements demanded by the user, but using fewer components and coordinating each of them.


The house is divided into two halves: a private part of toilet and bedroom, and a common part that unifies in the same room kitchen, living room and dining room. This division is carried out through a central piece of continuous wood that accentuates even more its route by generating curves that announce the access to the private area, eliminating the sensation of compartmentalization.


FM House builds a summer holiday spot next to the sea, where this is the protagonist and in which the rest of the elements are based on simplicity and continuity


The detailed study of what elements should appear, in what place and with what geometry, makes rigor become the main tool to maximize space in a project of just 45 square meters.


The use of curved geometries within FM House in the kitchen furniture and in the access to the bedroom, brings fluidity and movement to the composition, expanding the spaces.


The simple materiality of maple wood, natural stone and a cutting of continuous tiling finish giving the house a unique character. The main rooms look towards the sea, understanding the use of the terrace as an extension of the interior.


Photographs by Mariela Apollonio.