Forest of Light by Sou Fujimoto for COS

As every year the Milan design week becomes into a melting pot of inspiration and creativity, it is the indispensable date that every design lover should attend. For 5 years ago the fashion firm COS realises different events in the city turning into the essential places to visit during the Milan Design Week. The last year COS together with SNARKITECTURE transformed a high ceiling space in a cave where space was demarkated by white fabric bands hanging from the ceiling simulating a cave to meet COS. This year the firm delights us again in Salone del Mobile 2016 but this time with Architect Sou Fujimoto to creat a Forest of Light.

Forest of Light connects fashion, nature and architecture

forest-of-light-cos-sou-fujimoto-more-with-less-design-architecture-magazine-eleganceIt is a unique installation that evokes a forest simulated by lights and sounds. The purpose is to generate new feelings, a multisensorial and unique experience. In a world where your senses are forced to be aware there is a moment when we get used to the frenetic sounds and lights of our daily life. At that point we forget silence, calm and the primary feelings that are required. Forest of Light retores the feeling that always belonged to us, it restores the calm.

forest-of-light-cos-sou-fujimoto-more-with-less-design-architecture-magazine-simplicityThis time the installation is placed in an enclosed space but open-plan area where walls are mirrors and become a limited space into a boundless space. Inspired by the minimalistic collection of COS and by the experience of a forest at twilight, Sou Fujimoto reproduces that moment by using lights, mirrors and sounds. In this case the towering cones of light, light up the space are designed to respond to visitors’ movements. This installation is located in a former theatre built in 1930s in Milan’s San Babila district.