Fractal, the transcription of the body language

Fractal is a final degree project conceived by the student  Núria Crosas in her last year at the graphic design bachelor in the University ESDI, Sabadell.


Her relation with the dance starts from a personal experience, however, the project arises from the limited development of the current choreographic notation, understanding that dance can not only be subject to oral transmission but rather should be systematised.


Based on these issues and parameters, Núria Crosas reformulates the concept of body language turning it into written and iconographic. The project named Fractal consists in a coding system that uses geometric and standards symbols, universally interpretable.


The different parts of the body perform a wide variety of movements, either independently or in a unified way. In this method, the complexity of classifying the movement makes it necessary to distinguish two main axes: the movement of the whole body (body-set) and the movement of specific parts (body-component).


The graphic system, Fractal codifies the dance in a simple and visual script.



The various elements of the Fractal notation are set in a horizontal structure or timeline. The stave is composed by five lines (4+1), as the regular musical one, representing different parts of the body: head, arms, trunk, legs and the fifth for the general movement of the body. The graphic code is represented through iconographic symbols. Some of the chorographical elements contemplated by Núria Crosas are the parts of the body, the kind of movement, the directionality, the duration, the tempo and the dynamics.


Fractal synthetizes the body language in a very intelligent and effective way, transforming it into a written language through a geometric iconography and spotted colours. Such notation can be understood by a wide public and not only by the professionals.