‘Frammenti’ by Franco Fontana

The series ‘Frammenti’ by Franco Fontana shows us a totally new way of fragments of urban daily life. The award-winning Italian photographer and writer collects in this series small sequences, with detail shots, that without showing all the information of the scene, they move us to it immediately.

Through the saturation of colors, the measurement of light and movement, Fontana manages to abstract the elements necessary to compose his captures. In this way, ‘Frammenti’ by Franco Fontana highlights monochromatic elements throughout the different photographs of the series.

Self-taught photographer, Franco Fontana has devoted himself to the universal photographic scene since the 1970s. His characteristic abstract expressiveness makes him undoubtedly the author’s signature times, and it is what leaves no room for the obsolescence of his work. In this way, the artist has exhibited his work throughout the world, coming to exhibit for example at the Maison Européenne of the Photographie of Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

With more than 400 exhibitions, individual and collective, and about 40 publications, the series ‘Frammenti’ by Franco Fontana is a fine example of his work with color.


In addition to his extensive individual work, Franco Fontana has made different advertising campaigns in the hands of major brands such as Canon, Fiat or Kodak, as well as works for publications such as Time, Life or Vogue magazines.

In short, although he is best known for his landscape work, we believe that the series ‘Frammenti’ by Franco Fontana is an example of his use of color in photography. Interested in urban landscapes since he traveled to the United States in the late 70s, the scenes in this series show a good example of his careful work.