Friction Table, the application of the experimental materials into objects

Friction Table is the contribution of a new concept, added to the classic table. This, was designed by Heatherwick Studio, and exposed in the Danny Katz Gallery. Heatherwick Studio is formed by 250 problem solvers in London. Their vision is to achieve projects that can contribute, with its characteristic point of practical invention. Getting the designs to the user experiences. On the other hand, Danny Katz has worked the sculpture, and it’s known for his strict ‘eye’. Together, connoisseur and expert, showed this table.


Friction Table was launched for the Firenze Art Fair in 2017. The main aim to create something like this was the idea of how the furniture could be adapted in different spaces and necessities. There it was the experimentation with the dimensions and forms. Initially it was based in the opening of a net or pivot, ant they implemented it into various objects. From there, they were sharpening that form, until they create Friction Table.



Friction Table was born from the experimentation of a concept, the flexibility of the products, jointly with the material, solidified paper in resin



Furthermore, the material that they decided to use were solidified paper sheets in resin. This material was generated in the middle’s XX century for an industrial use. They created with this material the ribbon of the structure. At the same time, this material adds warmth, with spotted natural colour. The form of Friction Table embrace 8 people in 1,8m but if it’s enlarged, forms a 4m ellipse for huge meetings.




Each of the 61 grooves of Friction Table, was made in the mainframe, then calibrated and aligned. This way it was born this gear, to open the lattice, at the same time the legs of the table are pulled. The construction could be pure engineering, but the finish is very similar to the traditional furniture.


This was the third piece that they worked as an experimental design in the studio, and it was produced in a limited edition of 7 pieces.