NOU + U the collective of young students of the CEU present their works at the fair in Milan

NOU+U the group of young designers and students of the Master of Product Design at UCH-CEU University in Valencia, Spain. They will be during this week in the fair of Milan exposing the projects that have developed during this course: XL to XS y Frombitstoatoms.


Frombistoatoms is a collection of office accessories made using 3D printing. With the objective is to create an online platform with downloadable 3D models, so that they can be printed by users from anywhere in the world.

Frombitstoatoms a collection of ten accessories that thanks to the facilities offered by 3D printing technology, allows to create a democratic design, intelligent, functional, and emotionally attractive at a very reduced price


SHAPE, is the product designed by Albert Navarro. A desktop accessory whose shape invites the user to sort and store their objects. In this way your objects are kept together saving space on your desk.


PARIES, is the design made by Clara Díaz. A collection of containers to organize and classify the different tools on our desktop. The pieces are designed to be supported against the wall, or one in front of the other.


SAMPLE, is the accessory designed by Isabel Rojo. A collection of containers whose shape and layout allow the accessories to be accessible in a very comfortable and simple way. A versatile product thanks to its adaptation to different spaces.


GRASSPAD, is the product designed by Juan Aznar. A space organizer for the home or office. Able to hold objects thanks to the arrangement of printed threads simulating a block of grass. Through its shape, the user can organize his accessories in an efficient and original way.


BICTOOLS, is the design that has made Juan Carlos Fanes. An extensible tool kit adaptable to BIC pens. That will allow the user to transform his pen into a compass, a precision blade, a ruler, etc.

The collections are available from april for their presentation at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design week, on the online platform


RACK, is the accessory designed by Cristina Hernández. A shelf that divides the desk and allows vertical storage for any office gadgets. A very versatile product that offers different possibilities in terms of the layout and size of its containers.


DESKO, is the design realized by Javi Boscá. A desktop organizer for coworking places. The product has three containers with different sizes. And later we observe its symmetry through a dividing wall to be used by two people: one in front of the other.


PRINT-ED, is the product designed by Linar Martín. A modular collection that allows the user to configure the dispositions of their pieces according to their storage needs. A contemporary accessory designed to store small objects.

TAWA,  is the design that has made  Carlos Villanego. A Stackable Storage System Which facilitates the transport of the different working tolos.  Thanks to its shape is a very versatile product, perfect for those users who always want to bring their tools with them.


NE3DLE, is the design by Victor Segarra. A mechanical pencil printed with filaflex material available in different sizes to improve the user needs.