Symbiosis between function and form by Daniela Svobodova

Every unusual project should have a language of its own. Daniela Svobodova has chosen a language of simplicity and intelligence. She introduces an object that has no hinges. It was a starting point and a thread throughout all of the project. “Symbiosis” is a wall hanging cabinet which fascinates by its simple mechanism. Three metal doors hang on the tube using it in addition for sliding inside when opening and closing. Ends of the tube sticking out on both sides also allow hanging various objects of everyday use. This simple system let Daniela replace the use of the hinges. Obviously, the process was challenging, however, lead to very exceptional outcomes and finally generated a very interesting object of use.

Daniela Svobodova slides into simplicity with her hanging cabinet system


Moving forward Daniela Svobodova has tried to find symbiosis between the materials of the object. She has chosen to use metal and wood – using two materials of fundamentally different properties has made Daniela face many challenges, such as bending edges of metal in different directions. The passive part is wooden (plywood), the part replacing the hinge mechanism is out of metal. When working, compared with metal, wood appeared also more phlegmatic and dignified.


At the same time, Daniela Svobodova was trying to find an interesting solution for the size of the object – the aim has become to give the user a choice of application therefore the size of each compartment is based on the sizes of basic everyday use objects – plates, bottles, A4 sheets of paper and folded clothes.


Looking at the object one can understand that it is a sincere object – it attracts an eye of someone who appreciates simplicity and is always looking for something slightly more versatile than ordinary. The charm of the object is the way you use it and its anonymous shape. It tells us that it can be put in any type of interior and will still feel like a local.