Gallery Home by Elding Oscarson


On the island of Lidingö, Sweden lies the large flat that’s known as Gallery Home. Designed by the Swedish firm, Elding Oscarson, this house serves as an ideal abode for an art-loving couple. Upon trying to find their ideal home, the couple came across this plot with an 8-car underground garage. Apart from this submerged garage, the plot was completely empty. While this wasn’t exactly the house they were seeking, it felt right to them, and so transformed into a dream house with an integrated gallery space.


Swedish architects Elding Larson transform an 8-car garage into a beautiful home for an art-loving couple


The design process of the Gallery Home was informed by attempting to benefit from what was already built on site, which included the appropriation of a large portion of the original garage for a suitable indoor climate. The garage structure of the Gallery Home has been altered by cutting open the roof slab, and instead, connecting it to the new building above and leading down ample daylight. While the first upper floor divides naturally into four differently sized bedroom spaces, each arranged around a central spiral stair, under a skylight. The spaces blend naturally with the nature and its surroundings, providing daylight and views from all four façades.

All the photographs taken in this article are by Mikael Olsson.