Gandía Kid University


In this project of the paredespedrosa study, six large existing mulberry trees and a trapezoidal garden in the Ausias March Park have been established by the Gandía Children’s Popular University, which builds the perimeter of this parterre on the southern shore of the Serpis River, clear around the mulberries.



In this way the proposed volume does not alter the plot of the park, constructing the plot of the garden itself and incorporating a patio for the trees. In front of the park you can see the historical profile of the city, with buildings such as the Palau dels Borgia or the hospital of Sant Marc, now the Archaeological Museum.



Gandía Kid University is considered as an experimental center for children from 1 to 12 years old where they develop their creativity, expanding their knowledge outside the school context in a unique environment.





Thematic units for painting, theater, reading … are organized in a single plant around the patio in independent and glazed pieces. Each workshop is autonomous, making the whole an attractive cultural park for children, linked to a protected and controlled outdoor space, where there is also a step for storytellers and a circular sandbox in the shade of the mulberry trees.




Gandía Kid University is committed to a clear and resounding building that implies the execution and maintenance economy. A large broken and inclined deck shapes exterior and interior. The access door, open to the views of the river, gives way to the central lobulated patio that links open spaces, porches and classrooms. However, towards the outside the building appears sober and continuous, like a great fence, avoiding the use of fences and enclosures.


Ceramic pieces extruded in shades of white cover the opaque enclosure and the cover as a unique material on the outside. Inside linoleum floors and viroterm ceilings, for absorbing child noise, are the finish for the structure seen from concrete walls.

Photography: Roland Halbe. Luis Asín