Garden Module, a natural space in our home

Garden Module is a product designed by Studio Parrado. Formed by Luisa Parrado and Lilian Parrado, two sisters who seek to bring a new point of view to the design and its processes. Their design has recently been awarded a bronze award in the category of garden furniture and accessories of the European product design award.


Garden Module arises from the need to create a vegetable wall. Through this project, the designers wanted to help all those people who want to feel nature in their own home. One of the main premises when developing the product is that it is easy and intuitive for users.

The Garden Module design allows us to build a space full of nature in our own home

Through a single module, a three-dimensional panel can be created with a variety of combinations. The irregular shape of its module allows the user to create flexible compositions. In this way the product gains versatility and can adapt to any type of space according to your needs.


Each module has an irregular shape and is formed by a set of steel rods that can be joined together creating infinite shapes. They are joined through a polypropylene string inserted inside. In this way, designers haven´t the need to weld the part, and thus create a product that minimizes the volume of packaging and facilitates transportation. Each module contains two concrete shelves whose function is to support plants. Thanks to these shelves users can go creating their vertical garden on the wall. Its use can be both indoors and outdoors, but it is recommended that the exterior is covered.


The studio Parrados has made a clean composition, combining simple elements that give strength and meaning to its design.