A garden shed in east London

Fraser Road is found in east London, and is where we can find the new project from Eastwest Architecture. A two-layered garden shed that wants to keeps its traditional function as a garden studio.

With more people working from home and property prices rising around the world, homeowners lucky enough to have outdoor space are replacing the traditional shed with studios, guest rooms and flexible workspaces.


Such is the case of this project in a Walthamstow Village’s courtyard, in London. The client found that there was a lack of gym facilities in the local area, so he commissioned the architects to design a space to workout at home.

garden_shed_fraser_road_eastwest_architectura_more_wit_less_magazine_architecture_2 garden_shed_fraser_road_eastwest_architectura_more_wit_less_magazine_architecture_3This space was designed as a multifunctional studio that can be transformed into an office or a peaceful yoga space.

“The form of the gym was to be abstracted so it would represent a modern twist of the traditional garden shed” architect Dean Smith says.


The strict building regulations dictated maximum roof heights, what made them lower the ground floor to ensure a practicable ceiling height.

garden_shed_fraser_road_eastwest_architectura_more_wit_less_magazine_architecture_4 garden_shed_fraser_road_eastwest_architectura_more_wit_less_magazine_architecture_5

At the same time, a simple palette had to be chosen, to keep the project on budget.

Only 4 materials where used, being the charred cedar the most striking feature. To ensure the dark wood cladding doesn’t appear too imposing the main wall is punctured by a large window, exposing the contrasting interior.

Through that window, we see the three of the walls covered in birch plywood panels. This is enhanced by yellow lighting to create a warm-looking interior that aims to motivate the clients to cross their garden to exercise.

garden_shed_fraser_road_eastwest_architectura_more_wit_less_magazine_architecture_6The remaining wall is covered by a full-height frameless mirror, which helps to create the illusion of a larger space.

This compact and sunken studio is accessed by steps recessed into the lawn, and through a door with a lintel that reminisces a typical garden shed.

Fraser road’s garden shed allows the customer to jump, box, skip,… and be active within the calm of your own house.

Photographies by Naaro.