The gardening workshop of Strubobuob


The gardening workshop of Strubobuob is a small shop about gardening and household items located in the old repair shop for showers and other metal items, located in the town of Bezau. This project of Innauer-Matt Architects, is conceived as a small jewel that shares a garden with the main building, recently renovated.


The volume resembles the adjoining buildings. A simple, rectangular and single-bay floor plan is energized by the use of a double axis of vision and asymmetric routes. On the one hand, the orthodox axis that runs through the gardening workshop of Strubobuob from north to south, generates the entrance and the main route. In contrast, a perpendicular and much shorter axis locates the staircase, the vertical circulations and two large frontons as a showcase that show the product from the street.


The gardening workshop Strubobuob is a building with simple and strong shapes. Four large gaps generate all the transparency of the construction. Large windows show the product sold there in a cozy way, as if it were a home.


The gardening workshop of Strubobuob redesigns the domestic profile to turn it into a store, without losing the warmth of home


The building is divided into two floors, the lower one for the gardening area, with polished concrete floor and wooden cladding on walls and ceilings. The upper floor collects household items and crockery. Punctually the materiality is seen complete with elements of black steel, that generate the contrast within the space also remitting the old life of workshop that there was in the place.


The need not to interrupt the existing business in the plot and the short period of time optimal for construction in these latitudes, made the prefabrication level very high. Therefore, the entire upper floor was created with a solid wood structure in a nearby workshop, which allowed its installation by cranes, reducing construction time.


Photographs by Adolf Bereuter Dornbirn.