Gastronomic center in Albufera



This academic project for a gastronomic center, the work of Sevak Asatrián, is located in one of the plots of the Tancat de l’Alcatí, an enclave at the limit of many of the existing environments in the Natural Park, the Devesa, the Gola del Perellonet , the Marjal, the Lake of l’Alcatí, etc.

The objective of the project is to find the common denominator between gastronomy and landscape, between culture and nature.


To do this, the necessary spaces are projected to carry out the activities that arise from uniting both concepts.

Through the gastronomic center we try to value the natural landscape of the Albufera while offering a unique place to put into practice the art of cooking and tasting.centro-gastronomico-gastronomic-center-more-with-less-03centro-gastronomico-gastronomic-center-more-with-less-04

At the same point there is a contrast of very diverse landscapes, from the Mediterranean forest that acts as a backdrop, to the plain of the agricultural landscape of the rice fields and the specular nature of the water that runs throughout the place.


The proposal consists of five buildings, which house all the necessary program for the realization of this activity.

Among the activities are three buildings destined to be restaurants, a cooking school and a fifth building dedicated to the administration and services of the gastronomic center.

The distribution of the interior program of the gastronomic center is done by means of bands, alternating solid pieces, where the most private and Serbian program is located, with freed spaces occupied by the most public and academic part, which generate an accurate composition of holes.

The volumes with a solid appearance and a neutral color such as white, generate an access porch that interacts with both the landscape and the other pieces of the project.

Inside the project, the materiality is focused on the white that provides a greater luminosity, necessary for an activity like this, ceramic for the floor and wood for furniture and wet areas.

Images:  Sevak Asatrián