Gastropavilion ETH Zúrich


The Gastropavilion, work of Tuñon Arquitectos studio, will serve as a meeting point for teachers, visitors, employees and students, as well as a gastronomic reception place for international guests at the ETH Zurich.

gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-1Away from any formal and constructive exaggeration, the new gastronomic space is proposed as an adjusted prism, with large, open windows that will serve as an architectural filter between the campus and the beautiful landscape that opens to the north.

gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-7The building is proposed as an elegant box of wood and glass, absolutely removable, whose structure is formed by a series of laminated wood porticos and large practicable lacquered windows in white, which build pleasant niches where you can enjoy the food in an interior doorway -exterior.

The elegant wooden porch nave of this Gastropavilion, builds a flexible and open structure, which can be ventilated on all four sides.

gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-4The construction takes place on two floors: The upper floor, built as a glazed lookout over the forest vegetation in the “Hönggerberg”, houses the restaurant, and the ground floor, visible only from its north face, which houses the technical spaces of processing, storage, facilities and toilets.




The main floor of the restaurant opens onto the campus, housing all the public spaces of the restaurant in a single room. A terrace protected by a set of white awnings welcomes diners who come to enjoy the avant-garde food of the new Gastropavilion.
gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-8The building of the Gastropavilion is structured as a white prism, with a thick facade and different skins according to the orientation, which welcomes people naturally, in a warm environment that provides the wood, where the furniture will contribute to providing the whole with a character domestic.
gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-6 The organization of the space for public use is structured around a central construction, the technical heart of the restaurant. This technical heart organizes the whole in an open, flexible way, qualifying the three different environments: the cafe-bar, the bistro and the restaurant and event room.
gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-9 The technical heart is a structure finished in oak clapboard lacquered in white that houses the bar, the kitchen “à la minute” and vertical communication.
gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-10The café-bar is located in the south-west area of the building, it is a space close to the Campus meeting point that will enhance the character of contact, communication and meeting.

The Bistro, located in the northeast area of the building is a linear space open to the kitchen and the landscape. Its proportions allow its division into different smaller environments for groups.

The à la carte restaurant, located in a large space on the west side of the building, is organized as a flexible room, which can be combined with the other parts of the restaurant. The furniture, designed for this space, allows a flexible use of the room.

gastropabellón-gastropavilion-more-with-less-19This space will be open to be used in special events such as concerts, readings, aperitifs, exhibitions.

Photography: Luis Asín