Gjennomsikten, an architecture to behold the landscape


Gjennomsikten is a Norwegian word that means “to see through”, and it is the name given to the project carried out by Kolaboratoriet in the region of Grenland. An architecture project that is more of a landscape intervention; a small pavilion located alongside the river, which invites us to gather together and to the serene contemplation of the surroundings.




Materialised only with wood strips, the installation has a permeable character. Playing with different dimensions and placement of the material, it is generated a varying gradient of transparency and mass which, as its own name implies, allows us to see through it with crossed views of the surroundings as well as blend into the landscape.

Gjennomsikten is a wooden structure designed to enjoy the scenery and be stablished as a public meeting-place in the riverside

With a height of five meters, Gjennomsikten arises as a wooden structure that offers two different observation and resting points. The upper level generates an elevated space that provides a general vision over the river and the surroundings. On the contrary, the lower part is divided into two spaces more in contact with nature. On one hand, it enclose a small indoor room from where we can enjoy a closer and focuser view of the water passing by and the riverside and, on the other hand, the opposite side is designed as a platform opened toward nature and trees with a built-in wooden bench.


Nevertheless, Gjennomsikten’s objective goes beyond the mere observation of the landscape. This installation is located in Lahelle; an old industrial area that has been lately reconverted into a popular green zone where neighbours go to take a stroll. Likewise, in recent years, it has also suffered a large-scale development, with the appearance of residence areas, a new art centre and the refurbishment and reconversion of the old industrial structures. Due to its context, Gjennomsikten is aimed to become a public meeting-place, a stage for theatrical performance and, above all, to serve as inspiration for the creation of quality public spaces alongside the river.




Fotografías de Feileacán McCormick y Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal