Gnomo by Masquespacio


Gnomo, a shop in search of originality. A Masquespacio project in which the design and a particular lifestyle set the guidelines for a new place in the neighborhood of Ruzafa, Valencia.



It is an interior design project inspired by the eighties and the Memphis movement. Gnomo combines materials, colors and textures along its 100m2 of exposure. This combination creates a fun feeling. Sensation that at the same time serves as support to order a space destined to the exhibition of the product.



Gnomo, an ode to design from originality

Originality as the basis of a project in which Masquepacio has designed everything down to the smallest detail. With the exception of the counter table, the study has made an integral design of the space and the elements that compose it. A store that exposes and at the same time is in itself an element exposed to the visitor.



Ana Hernández, creative director of Masquespacio: “Taking into account that Gnomo sells different types of objects, each one of different brands, it was important to use color to highlight the joy and fun of the objects, but without generating a palette that could create a visual disorder”.


Álvaro Zarzuela and Esther Martín, founders of Gnomo: “In this space in constant reinvention, we sell design products and also give away stories.More than a store, for us Gnomo is a space where we share experiences. A story behind it. Sometimes that story gives us the signature, sometimes we live it and, very often, our customers are the ones who tell us.”



Masquepacio is able to immerse himself in the world of Gnome and create a space with the possibility of transformation. Furniture and decorative / exhibition elements that can move and transform the dynamics of this store. Everything revolves around the exposed element. Its dimensions and the ability to convey its own history in an environment where “the supply is eclectic and at the same time selective.”