Gold and Gray Apartment, by Richard Lindvall


Gold and Gray Apartment, is the project made by the Swede designer Richard Lindvall. This apartment place in the old Stockholm’s embassy. For its restructuring into a private apartment, it created a large space, about 85 square metre, that include the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.


All spaces are dyed a monochrome gray that is only broken by the gold freestanding pieces, which made in brushed brass. In this way Gold and Gray Apartment manage to create a unique atmosphere in all rooms.


Gold and Gray Apartment, a unique space in gray and gold color transform a old embassy in a private flat


Materials like the concreto with its characteristic gray color, or panels of high density fibers also colored in the same tone, are the basis to place some delicate volumens in golden. It is built three brass cubes that are using as kitchen island, cupboard and coffee table.


Gold and Gray Apartment play with the nuance, it break the monotony with carefully cut pieces of furniture. In the bathroom are incorporate limestone like a covering materials, that built the bathtub and washbasin with this stone.


Details like a towel heater made with stainless steel pipes, with the same tone the rest of materials, give warmth to the spaces of Gold and Gary Apartment.


Photography by Mikael Axelsson.