Gradvis, collection of vases (or flower vases) for Ikea

Gradvis is a collection of vases (or flower vases, depending on the use that it would like to do) made by Studio Inma Bermúdez for the huge Swedish brand Ikea. The headquarters of this studio is in Valencia (Spain). It is formed by Inma Bermúdez and Moritz Krefter. They work the most of the design areas, but they always seek for new things and innovation. They develop products for different companies around the world.

Inma Bermúdez lives surrounded by nature and she loves flowers. The accessories are essential to her life. She took this way the inspiration for her own vases and share it with everyone. From now on, she has created a collection of vases with different shades and geometric forms, but with and harmony between them.

Gradvis is an adverb in Swedish that means ‘gradually’. In this context it could mean a lot of things. Such as the water low down the level because a plant is being nurtured, as the forms… etc. In this case, there are no more than a word that has a lot of concepts for this vases.

The forms and the colours of Gradvis create harmony and neutrality in spaces where it’s wanted to reach and put flowers to make the spaces more warmth

Gradvis is a collection that does not highlight too much, is simple and it is adapted in any kind of space. whether for put one or more of vases to put flowers or not. The geometric forms that have are simple and the flowers are distributed in a different way. Giving personality to the spaces in which are found.

The main material that is made is stoneware. This material has a lot of properties and applications. It is very versatile, lasting and mouldable. Ideal for this kind of object. At the end, which is really found is that they meet with the space and that it goes with the functionality. Looking always further than the art, but the functionality.