Helping the world to become a minimalist graphic designer


Studio Standard presents a template to create a stylish magazine with a minimalist editorial design approach.


This  minimalist template allows any individual ‘to become’ a graphic designer emphasizing a simple grid, empty spaces, and no horror vacui philosophy. Studio Standard is a company that creates templates for brochures, magazines or portfolios; all of them have a common feature minimalism is the key word.  The project is a combination of a palette of black and soft colours, void spaces, few fonts, and a simple but not iterative grid. This blending shows all the characteristics of a minimalist design.


The good thing about this template is that ‘good design’ is almost done in any combination


The good thing about this template is that ‘good design’ is almost done in any combination i.e. the customer will be ‘directed’ to create a clear, minimalist, and elegant  design. Usage is a very easy task  because of the combination of elements (fonts, images, grid, colours, etc.)  found in the Indesign minimalist template.

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