Grid System, a customizable alternative table

Every person is one of a kind. Every person has his own manias, his particular manner of organising oneself and his stuffs, both in the workplace and the domestic one. Grid System was created by Ying Chang, a Royal College of Arts young graduate, as a response to the (un)evolution of the traditional table, reinventing it so that questions its current functionality based on the simple flat surface we are used to, faced with the new and diverse uses a table has in the current days.

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Ying Chang took as a reference the two dimensional grid, used by every designer as the organising template of graphical layouts in drawing softwares, and bring this concept to a three dimensions design. Grid System results in a modular structure composed of mesh boxes in different sizes with a series of add-on accessorises in order to allow the creation of a customizable and personal multi-purpose space, according to the new way of living where work and living space often merge.

Grid system challenges conventional furniture’s functionality and encourages people to create their own alternative table according to their needs

grid system 2grid system 11grid system 16grid system 10grid system 12

The flexible design of Grid System offers a creative alternative table easily adaptable to each person’s needs. It can be use also as a conventional flat surface table with storage underneath, while, at the same time, it encourages us to play with its pieces’ arrangement, both in composition and height, transforming it to develop different sitting or standing tasks over it. Its add-on accessorises goes from shelves to coasters, space dividers and smooth surfaces in a variety of materials such as wood, mirror polished aluminium and concrete.
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Photos and film by Ian Bartlett