Redesigning the typographic past by Grilli Type Foundry

Grilli Type, the independent Swiss Type Foundry founded in 2009 by Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain, has refreshed its typeface GT Walsheim inspired by the artist and poster designer Otto Baumberger.

Otto Baumberger was ahead of his time on the consumer advertising and branding field, creating over 200 posters during his career. Baumberger’s artwork was characterized by a wide variety of styles and suitable and conveying messages in each of his projects.

His professional legacy is considered being part of the Swiss style movement. “His work exemplifies the movement from painterly to abstract designs during this time: Swiss Style before that term even existed,” says Grilli Type team.

Noël and Thierry began analyzing and structuring Otto’s letters used on his posters in order to create the entire vocabulary for the typeface. Once they collected all the characters, they started redesigning the alphabet again through a manual process: pencil and grease-proof paper. Drawing small variations on the typography appeared more freely and allowed a more curvy and friendly look at the design.

“Letters take up less horizontal space and can be displayed at a larger size without taking much space. This makes this typography very useful for poster design.”

Simultaneously at the creation of the typeface, Grilli Type has created a website to display de typography and a sequence of posters reinterpreted from Otto’s old projects using the recent redesigned GT Walsheim typeface.

These excellent animated posters praise Otto Baumberger’s work flawlessly.

“Nearly a century after the original designs, Baumberger’s letters are now available as a typeface and have found their place in contemporary graphic design.”