H-ORANGE by Takuro Yamamoto Architects


H-ORANGE by Takuro Yamamoto Architects is a residential project based in Tokyo, Japan. The independent house is characterised by the site conditions, which is located next to a small field and large woods, although it is located in the centre of Tokyo.


In order to accentuate the surrounding scene of the woods, and big blue sky above the field, the western side of the second floor is opened out, with a series of horizontal windows. A large open-air terrace is also located in the space, including the living room.


With this arrangement, the residents of H-ORANGE can enjoy the harvest of the vast space above the field. For the clients, the view of the field itself is not really beautiful because it was inappropriately walled up by bricks and these walls seemed to give a claustrophobic sense of feeling.


H-ORANGE is a residential project in Tokyo which features a large orange wall that brightens it interior


As a solution for this, H-ORANGE incorporates the “tilt beam” which spans 12 metres over the terrace. The original purpose of the “tilt beam” is to avoid people from falling off and to protect the family’s privacy. An ordinal vertical low wall is sufficient for these purposes, but such a wall would make the open-air terrace dark and it would harm the spacious feeling. The “tilt beam” is lifted slightly above the floor to form a slit of light and is tilted in a manner to make the surface of the beam brighter with sunshine.